How To Keep A Relationship Happy

By Jerry / July 16, 2019
how to keep a relationship happy

Couples often learn the hard way that relationships don’t run on auto-pilot, fueled forever when they fall in love. Like children, pets, and plants, relationships need nurturing too. Learning how to keep a relationship happy and then applying what you’ve learned is hands-down the best relationship advice. To gain some insight, let’s peek behind the…

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10 Ways to Connect with Your Partner

By Jerry / July 15, 2019
10 ways to connect with your partner

Couples complain frequently in our private couples therapy retreat that they’ve grown distant. They find themselves living parallel lives under the same roof. They’re lost in routines and TV. If this sounds like you, you are probably wanting to learn ways to connect with your partner. Lost is the simple joy of being together and…

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Why Stay In An Unhappy Marriage Instead Of Getting Divorced?

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 22, 2019
Unhappy couple sitting on a bench struggling with the question of why stay in an unhappy marriage.

From bliss to boredom, from soaring hopes and dreams to wondering why you ever got married. You may be asking, “Why stay in an unhappy marriage instead of getting divorced?” You may even have one foot out the door. Plenty of couples stay in marriages that look miserable from both the inside and the outside.…

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How To Get Your Spouse To Communicate With You

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 18, 2019
Adoring couple who have found the secret of how to get your spouse to communicate.

You talk about work. You talk about the kids. You talk about rush-hour traffic. But you don’t know how to get your spouse to communicate with you about things that make you a couple. You live in the same home, sleep in the same bed, share the same anniversary. And yet, your communication has lost…

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6 Tips For Surviving Infidelity As The Cheater & Making Your Marriage Work

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 13, 2019
Man sadly wondering if surviving infidelity as the cheater is even possible.

If you have had an affair, you may still be in a conundrum of guilt, shame, and indecisiveness. Surviving infidelity as the cheater rarely elicits empathy or help from his/her circle of influence. That outreach is usually reserved for the betrayed. It’s difficult to get an accurate count of just how many people cheat on…

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What Constitutes An Unhappy Marriage

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 11, 2019
What constitutes and unhappy marriage is more than sitting together, but separately as this couple is.

Yes, it’s possible to feel unhappy in your marriage without even knowing what constitutes an unhappy marriage. Unless you’re living in extreme misery, living in an unhappy marriage can be like slowly putting on weight, one Twinkie at a time. Before you know it, you’re taking an inspecting look in the mirror, dusting off your…

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What You Need To Do Before You Attend A Marriage Healing Retreat

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 10, 2019
A mature couple admiring the view and feeling great after attending a marriage healing retreat.

The idea of swapping some of your vacation time and money for a marriage healing retreat may be new to you. You may not even remember where the idea came from, but here it is. And now you and your spouse are blocking off time on your calendars and wondering what this blind date of…

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How To Decide If It’s Better To Stay In An Unhappy Marriage Or Divorce

By Mary Ellen Goggin / February 27, 2019
Woman struggling with with the question of whether she should stay in her unhappy marriage or divorce.

It starts off so beautifully and utterly limitless in hope and possibility. Then, one day you’re asking, “Do we stay in an unhappy marriage or divorce?” How did you get to this point? How do you know for sure if you are really unhappy or just in a slump that every marriage experiences? How do…

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