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Everyone who begins relationship coaching with me isn't looking for a diagnosis of a dysfunction. They are just looking for help to improve their marriage. Over the more than 35 years I have shared my relationship expertise, I've helped hundreds of individuals rebuild their relationships.

But before anyone begins working with me, they have questions that need answering. Below you will find the answers to the most common questions I am asked.

If you have other questions or are ready to get started, you can schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation. During our conversation, you will get a feel for what coaching with me is like. It also helps me to determine how I can best help you and if we are a good fit to work together.

Why people consider

Why people consider working with a relationship expert or coach

You're probably considering working with a relationship coach because you want your marriage to be better. Since "better" means different things to different people, people ask for help for a variety of reasons.

Some of the most common concerns people bring to relationship experts include:

Wanting to learn how to rebuild an emotional connection with their spouse
Feeling blamed or criticized instead of loved, appreciated, and cherished by their spouse
Struggling to trust again after past betrayals
Feeling like their spouse is their adversary instead of their partner and lover
Desirous of improving communication so they each feel heard and understood
Wanting to stop having to walk on eggshells around their spouse
Tired of feeling lonely in their marriage
Wanting to increase the physical and/or emotional intimacy in their marriage
Their partner has withdrawn and they want to encourage them to re-engage
Tired of all the fights
They or their partner is demanding or has sudden angry outbursts
Wanting to have a happier relationship

If you have concerns similar to these, then you have great reasons to begin working with a relationship coach or expert to help you do your part to create the marriage you want. This is an important point, working with a relationship coach is about you taking action and responsibility for your part in creating the marriage you want.

You may also be thinking about relationship coaching because your spouse isn't ready to engage in couples counseling or a couples retreat. You know there are things about your marriage that need to improve and you're ready to take action to move forward. Don't worry, you're not alone. Almost all of the people who work with Mary Ellen are facing the exact same challenge.

What you need to know is that once you begin making changes to how you are in your marriage, your spouse will notice. S/he will need to change too. And the changes you both make will open the space for your marriage to grow and improve.

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What is a relationship coach

What is a relationship coach?

Many people incorrectly use the terms "relationship coach" and "therapist" interchangeably. Although people in both professions are available to help you improve your marriage, the way they go about it is different.

A relationship coach is a relationship expert who uses their knowledge to mentor and support you to take the actions you choose to create the marriage you want. They don't diagnose.

A therapist will also use their knowledge to support you in understanding how your marriage wound up in the situation it is in which can be helpful in deciding how you want to move forward. Therapists will also provide diagnoses.

Working with a relationship coach is a great decision if:

you're willing to do the work necessary to achieve your relationship goals
you're open to learning new relationship skills
you're open to mentoring and support
you genuinely want results
you're willing to dig deep and get clear about what you truly want from your relationship
you want to discover new growth possibilities for your marriage
you're willing to be courageous in your exploration of ways to improve your marriage

How to select

How to select the best relationship coach for you?

Selecting the correct relationship coach to help you make your marriage better is an important decision. Some of the characteristics you will want your relationship coach to possess include:

a proven track record of helping people in similar situations achieve the results you're looking for a communication style that is easy for you to relate to
an understanding of the challenges you are facing so she can support you in your quest to achieve your relationship goals

How do you evaluate whether you have found the right mentor and coach for you?

You will want to start by reading their blog and/or book. If their written words resonate with you, you will want to check out their videos. If you find value in those, then you are ready to have a conversation with them to discover whether they are a good fit.

I understand that. And if you're reading this, you've probably already read my blog posts and watched my videos. The next step is for us to discuss your unique situation. To make taking this step easy for you, I offer a free 30-minute consultation.

Scheduling your 30-minute consultation is easy. Simply click the button below and contact me.

To learn more about working with Mary Ellen, schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation today.

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Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Mary Ellen by clicking the button below.