Marriage Retreats

6 Reasons Surviving Marital Infidelity Requires Therapy

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 22, 2021
Woman sitting lakeside with her husband talking about surviving marital infidelity.

You’ve got a choice to make. It doesn’t even matter who did what. You’re standing at a three-tined fork in the road, and there’s no turning back. One of you betrayed the other and your marriage, and the only secrets left undisclosed are the details. “Surviving marital infidelity” is now the tagline for your day-in-the-life-of…

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How A Weekend Marriage Retreat Can Change The Course Of Your Relationship

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 28, 2020
Couple sitting on dock cuddling after a weekend marriage retreat.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Relationships aren’t built on a kiss. And marriages don’t fall apart over one argument. So what are the chances that one weekend marriage retreat can change the course of your relationship, let alone save it? The math might surprise you. If hindsight in marriage is 20/20 like most things…

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6 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider A Private Couples Marriage Retreat

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 2, 2020
Couple holding hands in a forest as they discuss attending a private couples marriage retreat.

You wouldn’t think twice about getting extra training to make you better at your job. Some things you just have to do when you have priorities. But what are the chances you would attend a couples marriage retreat to make you better at your marriage? Again, priorities. If you’ve never attended a couples marriage retreat,…

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4 Reasons Marriage Retreat Weekends Can Be More Productive Than 9 Months Of Couples Counseling

By Mary Ellen Goggin / January 30, 2020
marriage retreat weekend

“That’s all the time we have for today. Same time next week?” If you have ever been to counseling, you know the drill. And if you have ever shared the couch with your spouse, you know how coveted every one of those 60 minutes is. But on marriage retreat weekends, the approach to time is…

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Why You Should Consider A Marriage Counseling Retreat Before Divorce

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 26, 2019
marriage counseling before divorce

When you look at the most common reasons for which couples divorce, it’s sad to think that divorce is the result. Did the couples even try to save their marriages? Did they even know how to try? And if they had attended a marriage counseling retreat before divorce, would they still be married today? Every…

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5 Reasons You Should Consider A Marriage Retreat After An Affair

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 18, 2019
marriage retreat after affair

Reasons for considering a marriage retreat after an affair link up with the relationship deficits that led up to infidelity in the first place. People don’t always understand how they got into such a mess. To say that more accurately, they rarely understand how or why they created the disaster in which they’ve landed. Infidelity…

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7 Things You Need To Know Before Attending A Marriage Retreat Intensive Weekend

By Mary Ellen Goggin / August 28, 2019
marriage retreat intensive

You can wait for your marriage to be on the outs before working on it. Or you can be proactive and work to keep it growing and evolving. Luckily, there is no shortage of help available from traditional weekly therapy to a marriage retreat intensive weekend. How you go about working on your marriage might…

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How Is Marriage Retreat Counseling Different From Couples Counseling?

By Mary Ellen Goggin / July 31, 2019
marriage counseling retreat

Let’s be real. Going to couples counseling probably didn’t make your top-5 bucket list for things to do this year. And marriage retreat counseling, if you’ve never gone before, probably didn’t even blip your radar. By the time the “c” word enters into most relationships, a lot of muddy water has flowed under the bridge.…

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