Month: August 2023

What To Do If You Realize You’re In An Unhappy Marriage At 60

By Mary Ellen Goggin / August 30, 2023
Couple sitting by the ocean contemplating their marriage now that they're in their 60s.

Reaching the age of 60 is often seen as a time of reflection, celebration, and wisdom. It’s a moment to look back on achievements, cherish memories, and plan for the years ahead. Yet, amidst these milestones, it can also be a time when some profound realizations come to the forefront. One such revelation that many…

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5 Things to Consider When You Discover Your Spouse Cheated

By Mary Ellen Goggin / August 22, 2023
2 wedding bands place on a dictionary above the word "marriage".

The knot in your stomach, the disbelief in your mind, the clutching in your chest – these are the overwhelming physical sensations that seize you when you discover your spouse cheated. It’s likely a moment you never thought you would face, a possibility you never wanted to confront. Whether you stumbled upon a revealing text…

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10 Tips & Guidelines For Fighting Fair In Marriage

By Mary Ellen Goggin / August 3, 2023
Couple sitting by a campfire on the beach discussing how to fight fair in marriage.

Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows that conflicts are part of the package. These disagreements, however, needn’t be destructive. On the contrary, when handled properly, they can become catalysts for a deeper understanding and a stronger marriage. This is where the concept of “fighting fair” in marriage comes into play. “Fighting fair” doesn’t…

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