Month: March 2024

5 Symptoms Of A Bad Marriage & How To Resolve Them

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 22, 2024
Couple struggling to continue to hold hands as they walk on either side of a small stream.

All marriages encounter bumps along the road. Sometimes, however, these bumps can gradually erode into potholes which are actually symptoms of a bad marriage. It’s the gradual nature of the erosion that can make it difficult to address the bumps before they grow. Recognizing the symptoms of a bad marriage as early as possible is…

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Why Won’t My Husband Fight For Our Marriage?

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 1, 2024
Woman holding her head in frustration wondering why her husband isn't fighting for their marriage.

In the quiet of a strained relationship, the question, “Why won’t my husband fight for our marriage?” carries the weight of unspoken fears and yearnings. This question reflects deep vulnerability and the desire for connection, yet it’s tinged with confusion and sorrow over a partner’s apparent inaction. By gently unfolding the layers behind this poignant…

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