Month: December 2019

Why You Should Consider A Marriage Counseling Retreat Before Divorce

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 26, 2019
marriage counseling before divorce

When you look at the most common reasons for which couples divorce, it’s sad to think that divorce is the result. Did the couples even try to save their marriages? Did they even know how to try? And if they had attended a marriage counseling retreat before divorce, would they still be married today? Every…

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8 Strategies For Surviving The Pain Of Infidelity As The Betrayed Spouse

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 17, 2019
surviving the pain of infideliity

It doesn’t matter what the statistics say about how many spouses cheat or which gender or age group cheats more. When your spouse has betrayed you, you feel your entire world has imploded. You can’t breathe, you can’t think, you can’t see through your tears. And surviving the pain of infidelity seems impossible. Infidelity is…

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What To Do If You’re Struggling With An Unhappy Marriage At 50

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 9, 2019
unhappy marriage at 50

If you have reached adulthood with your parents’ marriage still intact, you may assume they will always be married. Surely they are in the home stretch of life and love and wouldn’t know how to live without one another. Surely they wouldn’t be hiding an unhappy marriage at 50 or older, right? At the risk…

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