Month: March 2020

How To Save Your Marriage When You Feel Hopeless And All Alone

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 26, 2020
Couple holding pinkies after saving their marriage despite feeling hopeless.

“The whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.” The metaphor is perfect for understanding marriage in its ideal state. But what happens when that larger-than-life entity is reduced to its individual components? Would you know how to save your marriage when you feel hopeless, disconnected, and alone? You may not even recognize…

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What It Means If You’re Feeling Contempt Toward Your Spouse

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 10, 2020
Yellow square metal face that appears to be feeling contempt.

We all have a dark side that is as much a part of who we are as our sunny-side-of-the-street disposition. And denying even the occasional rendezvous with negative emotions like anger can make us as suspect as the expressed emotions themselves. But there is a dark side that is unequivocally dangerous to the health of…

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How To Respond To Contempt In Marriage

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 2, 2020
Man yelling at phone isn't how to respond to contempt.

Every marriage has its frustrations, its grapplings with anger and dissatisfaction, and even its periods of distancing staleness. But some things are so damaging to a relationship that reconciliation is iffy at best. For this reason, learning how to respond to contempt before it takes root in your marriage is essential. The question “How does…

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