Month: February 2024

3 Empty-Nest Marriage Issues & How To Resolve Them

By Mary Ellen Goggin / February 19, 2024
Couple sitting in a nest hanging from a tree.

Navigating the quiet hallways of an empty nest can feel like a journey into uncharted territory for many couples. As children grow up and venture out to build their own lives, parents are left with a profound sense of change, often questioning what comes next for their marriage. This transition period, known as the “empty…

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How To Eliminate Stonewalling In A Relationship

By Mary Ellen Goggin / February 7, 2024
Man walking toward his stonewalling spouse in an effort to repair the rift in their relationship.

Stonewalling, a silent barrier to conversation, can stealthily infiltrate our most valued relationships, leading to feelings of isolation and misunderstanding. This defensive mechanism, while not uncommon, has the potential to significantly erode the trust and intimacy of your connections. Tackling stonewalling in a relationship goes beyond merely re-establishing communication—it’s about reinforcing a dedication to mutual…

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