Month: September 2018

Embrace Calm

By Mary Ellen Goggin / September 28, 2018

With all the turmoil happening in the world around us, each of us can benefit from learning how to create calmness within.  Let’s start learning about your still point, the quiet place inside you where you are free of turmoil, self-judgment, and real-life pressures.

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It’s all about YOU!

By Mary Ellen Goggin / September 14, 2018

Why Me? Can’t we just fix the relationship? If, like most people, what you really want to do is fix your relationship right now, why are you asked to focus on yourself? You know what the problems are, and if your partner would change, so would your relationship. You’re probably thinking: Why start from square…

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11 Things Men Wish Women Knew

By Jerry / September 7, 2018

Often when women get together the subject of their men comes up. Women feel frustrated that conversations that involve feelings or might tip toe into conflict don’t usually go well. They confess to longing for more intimate conversations with their man, like the ones they have with their girlfriends. If they had one wish, it…

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