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How to communicate with your spouse. Image shows couple with their backs to us, and distant from each other.

How To Communicate With Your Spouse Without Fighting

If you’re married, you know the value of knowing how to communicate with your spouse without fighting. Conflict is inevitable. The difference between happy and unhappy marriages often hinges on a couple’s ability to resolve conflict. You may wonder if you can fix an unhappy marriage when you can’t even stop fighting long enough to feel […]

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11 Things Men Wish Women Knew

Often when women get together the subject of their men comes up. Women feel frustrated that conversations that involve feelings or might tip toe into conflict don’t usually go well. They confess to longing for more intimate conversations with their man, like the ones they have with their girlfriends. If they had one wish, it […]

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how to communicate with spouse

5 Myths about Jealousy

Last night I had a strange dream. I watched my wife speed away on a motorcycle with Johnny Depp. She clung to him so tightly it was obvious they were having an affair. In that instant I felt a combination of jealousy and admiration of her choice in Johnny Depp. Really, who could blame her? […]

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Is Porn Ruining Your Marriage?

So what’s the problem? Sometimes a partner’s virtual relationships interfere with his real life relationship. Some male clients report a loss of sexual interest in, or even the ability to have sex with, their partners. They develop a preference for porn and masturbation. Men say solo gratification eliminates performance anxiety and the burden of pleasing […]

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Help! I Fall for Guys Who Want a Mother

 Peggy came into her session looking distraught.  “There must be a screw loose in my head or I’m just not that bright when it comes to men. You would think that I would learn, but no matter how hard I try to select carefully, I end up with guys who want someone to take charge […]

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