Month: November 2019

How To Communicate With Your Spouse After An Affair

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 29, 2019
how to communicate with your spouse after an affair

The revelation of infidelity, whether by disclosure or discovery, is a life-shattering event. It can elicit emotions and reactions you never thought you were capable of. And talking about the affair might be paralyzing to you both. The irony of the topic “communication after an affair” is that marriages vulnerable to infidelity are often characterized…

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5 Reasons You Should Consider A Marriage Retreat After An Affair

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 18, 2019
marriage retreat after affair

Reasons for considering a marriage retreat after an affair link up with the relationship deficits that led up to infidelity in the first place. People don’t always understand how they got into such a mess. To say that more accurately, they rarely understand how or why they created the disaster in which they’ve landed. Infidelity…

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Betrayed Your Spouse? What You Need To Know About Surviving The Guilt Of Infidelity

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 5, 2019
surviving the guilt of infidelity

Consoling the person betrayed by infidelity comes naturally. Rally your judgments against the lying, cheating you-know-what, and no doubt you will be a source of comfort and solidarity. But what about the person surviving the guilt of infidelity? The person who shattered trust, hearts, and vows? Is there no redemption, no healing, no future for…

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