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Crying woman who knows the sad answer to the question, "how does an unhappy marriage affect you?"

How Does An Unhappy Marriage Affect You?

Therapists are trained to read between the lines, to watch and listen for signs that something painful may be lurking beneath the surface. So, when someone asks, “How does an unhappy marriage affect you?” we ask more questions than we answer. No matter what your marriage looks like, you know that you and your partner […]

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how to communicate more with your spouse

How To Communicate More With Your Spouse

Everything about relationships seems to come back to communication. There’s the verbal, the non-verbal, the implied, the assumed, the implicit. And, if you’re not paying attention, there are the proverbial ships that pass in the night. Learning how to communicate more with your spouse is the most important effort you can make to keep your […]

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what happens at a marriage retreat

What Happens At A Marriage Retreat

By the time a married couple considers therapy, the spouses are usually trying to save or repair their marriage. Couples therapy is often the first outreach, in part because its format is familiar to most people. One hour a week for several months (maybe years), a comfortable office with couches and chairs, a therapist with […]

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