Blessing for Love in Time of Conflict

By Mary Ellen Goggin / October 31, 2023

When the gentleness between you hardens and you fall out of your belonging to each other May the depths you have reached hold you still. When no true word can be said or heard and you mirror each other in scripts of hurt When even the silence has become raw and torn May you hear…

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10 Tips & Guidelines For Fighting Fair In Marriage

By Mary Ellen Goggin / August 3, 2023
Couple sitting by a campfire on the beach discussing how to fight fair in marriage.

Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows that conflicts are part of the package. These disagreements, however, needn’t be destructive. On the contrary, when handled properly, they can become catalysts for a deeper understanding and a stronger marriage. This is where the concept of “fighting fair” in marriage comes into play. “Fighting fair” doesn’t…

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The 5 Most Common Communication Issues in Marriage & How to Resolve Them

By Mary Ellen Goggin / June 9, 2023
Couple sitting on a couch discussing calmly discussing finances without communication issues.

It’s said that every garden, no matter how beautiful, must be tended to. In the same vein, a marriage, despite being a haven of love and companionship, requires continuous nurturing. Like an unkempt garden that slowly becomes overgrown with weeds, a marriage can become entangled with the thorns of communication issues if not properly cared…

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How To Communicate With Your Partner Without Arguing About The Same Old Things

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 13, 2022
Black and white boxing gloves on a wooden deck symbolize not arguing.

It starts off so easy. You can talk about anything. You can even disagree and debate without fazing your affections or the relationship itself. At some point, however, you forget how to communicate with your partner without arguing. The topics don’t necessarily change. But somehow your communication does. And right there is the irony: One…

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How To Learn How To Communicate With Your Spouse

By Mary Ellen Goggin / September 20, 2022
Little girl whispering to a little boy.

You would think that love would be sufficient for good communication. I love you, you love me, we’ll always be able to talk about anything. But what a myth! Learning how to communicate with your spouse is first an education in yourself. Master that, and you can move on to the real communication of your…

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How To Talk With Your Spouse Respectfully After Being Contemptuous

By Mary Ellen Goggin / June 13, 2022

The dynamics and tone of communication determine almost everything in a relationship. What you say, how/when/why you say it – they can create a haven for safety and growth or a perfect storm for destruction. If you don’t know how to talk with your spouse respectfully, the erosion of your marriage is pretty much a…

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How To Talk To Your Spouse About Trust After Their Affair

By Mary Ellen Goggin / April 30, 2022

The time to discuss trust is before marriage. Learning how to talk to your spouse about trust after their affair can be done, but you’ll need these tips.

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How To Talk To Your Spouse About Them Cheating

By Mary Ellen Goggin / February 13, 2022

You likely won’t know what you want in the early aftermath of infidelity. But annihilating all your options in a furied retaliation will serve nothing but a temporary assuaging of anger.

Here are some key points for how to talk to your spouse about them cheating. 

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