How To Communicate When Your Spouse Won’t Talk To You

By Mary Ellen Goggin / January 4, 2022

It goes both ways, that communication thing. But what happens when it seems to be one-sided? You’re talking, your spouse isn’t. You’re trying to find a way to move forward, your spouse is holding out. Your dilemma is now how to communicate when your spouse won’t because, apparently, nothing is working.

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7 Reasons Learning How To Communicate With Your Spouse Will Improve Your Relationship

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 3, 2021
Couple enjoying a conversation as they prepare a meal.

Remember your anniversary. Check. Have a weekly date night. Check. Take care of yourself so you’ll be attractive to your spouse. Check. Pack school lunches. Check. Work hard so you can bring home a big…check. Being responsible, doing nice things for one another, checking off all the right boxes – it’s all part and parcel…

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How To Talk With Your Spouse About Marriage Counseling

By Mary Ellen Goggin / August 17, 2021

When marriage takes a turn in the wrong direction, righting it is often beyond a couple’s forte. If you’re the one recognizing the slippery slope, you may already know that correcting it is going to require outside help. But knowing how to talk with your spouse about marriage counseling is going to be your first…

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How To Talk To Your Spouse About Resentment Without Starting An Argument

By Mary Ellen Goggin / April 28, 2021
Woman sitting on her bed feeling resentful.

It doesn’t make sense, really. Somehow, beneath the blood-boiling seething, you’re supposed to know how to talk to your spouse about resentment. That’s right. Talk about the resentment in your marriage, but don’t show resentment or start an argument. It’s a tall order when you think about it. You need to get this bitter indignation…

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How To Talk With Your Spouse Respectfully So You Can Both Be Heard

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 10, 2021
Couple having coffee while respectfully talking

One of the best things about marriage is that you can be comfortable “being yourself.” One of the worst things about marriage is that you can be comfortable “being yourself.” And if that irony elicits a knowing chuckle, you’re not alone. Perhaps, in all that “comfort,” you have forgotten how to talk with your spouse…

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How To Communicate With Your Angry Spouse Without Inflaming The Situation

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 19, 2020
Man who doesn't know how to communicate with his angry spouse screaming into the phone.

Anger is a difficult bedfellow, both in oneself and in one’s closest relationships. And nowhere is it more potent than in a marriage. Knowing how to communicate with your angry spouse, let alone without making things worse, can be frustrating and even frightening. Anger is a natural emotion. We all experience it and know the…

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How To Talk To Your Spouse About Debt Without Blaming Them

By Mary Ellen Goggin / September 23, 2020
Brick wall with the words "Until Debt Tear Us Apart" written on it.

It’s one of the ugly must-do’s of marriage: figuring out how to talk to your spouse about debt. Whether it got dragged down the aisle like a ball and chain or snowballed after the nuptials, debt is a tough topic. Between student loans, a ginormous, she-can’t-say-no-now engagement ring, and that Pnina Tornai wedding gown, you…

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8 Steps To Improve Communication For A Red-Hot Sex Life

By Mary Ellen Goggin / July 8, 2020
Partially clothed couple embracing.

Sex. It can be a hot and heavy wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, or even a distant memory. But one thing sex is not is “talked about.” At least not easily or frequently enough. And yet, when couples improve communication about sex in marriage and long-term relationships, satisfaction skyrockets in the bedroom. Your overall relationship also improves along with your sex life.…

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