Month: June 2023

How A Lack of Self-Awareness in Relationships Can Destroy the Relationship

By Mary Ellen Goggin / June 23, 2023
Couple holding hands while looking in opposite directions.

When two hearts unite and decide to share a life together, it’s a celebration of love and unity. Yet, like any shared journey, the path of love isn’t always smooth. One of the largest, and most often unnoticed, stumbling blocks on this path is the lack of self-awareness. When was the last time you stopped…

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The 5 Most Common Communication Issues in Marriage & How to Resolve Them

By Mary Ellen Goggin / June 9, 2023
Couple sitting on a couch discussing calmly discussing finances without communication issues.

It’s said that every garden, no matter how beautiful, must be tended to. In the same vein, a marriage, despite being a haven of love and companionship, requires continuous nurturing. Like an unkempt garden that slowly becomes overgrown with weeds, a marriage can become entangled with the thorns of communication issues if not properly cared…

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