How to communicate with your spouse. Image shows couple with their backs to us, and distant from each other.

How To Communicate With Your Spouse Without Fighting

If you’re married, you know the value of knowing how to communicate with your spouse without fighting. Conflict is inevitable. The difference between happy and unhappy marriages often hinges on a couple’s ability to resolve conflict. You may wonder if you can fix an unhappy marriage when you can’t even stop fighting long enough to feel […]

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how to keep a relationship happy

How To Keep A Relationship Happy

Couples often learn the hard way that relationships don’t run on auto-pilot, fueled forever when they fall in love. Like children, pets, and plants, relationships need nurturing too. Learning how to keep a relationship happy and then applying what you’ve learned is hands-down the best relationship advice. To gain some insight, let’s peek behind the […]

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10 ways to connect with your partner

10 Ways to Connect with Your Partner

Couples complain frequently in our private couples therapy retreat that they’ve grown distant. They find themselves living parallel lives under the same roof. They’re lost in routines and TV. If this sounds like you, you are probably wanting to learn ways to connect with your partner. Lost is the simple joy of being together and […]

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Crying woman who knows the sad answer to the question, "how does an unhappy marriage affect you?"

How Does An Unhappy Marriage Affect You?

Therapists are trained to read between the lines, to watch and listen for signs that something painful may be lurking beneath the surface. So, when someone asks, “How does an unhappy marriage affect you?” we ask more questions than we answer. No matter what your marriage looks like, you know that you and your partner […]

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