How to communicate with your spouse. Image shows couple with their backs to us, and distant from each other.

How To Communicate With Your Spouse Without Fighting

If you’re married, you know the value of knowing how to communicate with your spouse without fighting. Conflict is inevitable. The difference between happy and unhappy marriages often hinges on a couple’s ability to resolve conflict. You may wonder if you can fix an unhappy marriage when you can’t even stop fighting long enough to feel […]

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surviving the guilt of infidelity

Betrayed Your Spouse? What You Need To Know About Surviving The Guilt Of Infidelity

Consoling the person betrayed by infidelity comes naturally. Rally your judgments against the lying, cheating you-know-what, and no doubt you will be a source of comfort and solidarity. But what about the person surviving the guilt of infidelity? The person who shattered trust, hearts, and vows? Is there no redemption, no healing, no future for […]

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