It’s all about YOU!

Why Me? Can’t we just fix the relationship? If, like most people, what you really want to do is fix your relationship right now, why are you asked to focus on yourself? You know what the problems are, and if your partner would change, so would your relationship. You’re probably thinking: Why start from square […]

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11 Things Men Wish Women Knew

One of the issues with relationships we deal with most often is incomplete communication – things that couples want each other to know, but that they don’t say directly.   Today we’re talking about what we’ve learned that men  want women to know, which they generally will not say out loud.   This “insider information” […]

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20 Rules for Fighting Fairly in Relationships

20 Rules for Fighting Fairly in Relationships Is there more yelling and screaming than you’d like going on in your house ? Do you both swear to stop but somehow it happens anyway? As all members of the military know, when at war armies must follow certain rules of engagement. Likewise, in all sports and […]

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