Control Your Own Happiness

Why wait for relationship happiness when you can jump-start the process? In the exercises from our past few posts, you’ve tuned into the deepest parts of yourself. Perhaps you discovered new aspects of your personality and behavior. Maybe you took a closer look at certain traits you’ve spent your life trying to ignore. You might […]

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Embrace Calm

With all the turmoil happening in the world around us, each of us can benefit from learning how to create calmness within.  Let’s start learning about your still point, the quiet place inside you where you are free of turmoil, self-judgment, and real-life pressures.

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It’s all about YOU!

Why Me? Can’t we just fix the relationship? If, like most people, what you really want to do is fix your relationship right now, why are you asked to focus on yourself? You know what the problems are, and if your partner would change, so would your relationship. You’re probably thinking: Why start from square […]

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Sneak preview: Takeaways from our Couples Retreats you can use *Right Now*

My husband, Jerry and I help couples heal their relationships, most often in a two- day, private retreat format. There are specific benefits all couples receive, regardless of the reason that initially brought them to us. Some couples come to stop their relationship from the slide into further deterioration. Others want us to guide their […]

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