Person feeling the power of a strong sense of self with arms outstretched standing on the beach at sunset

How To Maintain A Strong Sense Of Self Once You’ve Found Your One True Love

Between rom-coms and fairy tales, you may have grown up starry-eyed and heart-thumping with the idea of spending happily-ever-after with The One. No harm, no foul. After all, if people didn’t yearn for connection and commitment, our species would need a miracle to continue. And thank goodness those hormones that drive lust, attraction, and attachment […]

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Couple holding hands walking into the sunset because they've each finally answered the question is my marriage worth saving.

How To Answer The Question, “Is My Marriage Worth Saving?” Once And For All

It’s an unfortunate place to reach in a marriage. Taking a lifetime vow and then feeling disconnected from it can be a lonely, confusing, even frightening reality. Simply questioning, “Is my marriage worth saving?” speaks to the fragility and potential demise of the union. There are ways, however, to slow down the frantic questioning and […]

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