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Marriage Counseling Can Transform Your Relationship

Marriage Counseling Can Transform Your Relationship Marriage and Couples Counseling can be successful given the right ingredients: readiness, right timing, and resonance with a marriage counselor (and better yet, a counselor couple) who is experienced, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. Private intensive weekend retreats with the right mix of elements can be even more successful. The […]

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Couples Counseling: Money Talks, Nobody Walks

Problems occur in a relationship when the partners have conflicting styles and perspectives about money. Even though money is a leading cause of divorce, couples rarely explore their individual money-selves before tying the knot. Often a money conflict sparks the discussion and sheds light on areas of incompatibility. Handled well (with awareness, understanding, and objectivity) […]

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10 Ways to Connect with Your Husband, Wife, or Partner

Couples complain frequently our private couples counseling and couples therapy retreat that they’ve grown distant. They find themselves living parallel lives under the same roof. They’re lost in routines and TV and feel no real connection. Lost is the simple joy of being together and even the idea that spending time together might be “fun”. […]

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Couples Counseling Retreat- FAQs

 Couples Counseling Retreat  FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Couples Counseling Retreat What is the couples counseling retreat program like? Where is it located? The couples counseling retreat is an interactive, lively and comprehensive program based on the pragmatic, step by step process laid out in the book Relationship Transformation: Have Your Cake and Eat It […]

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