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We offer sanctuary for couples who wonder if they are beyond help.

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We offer couples counseling retreats for couples on the edge of divorce or struggling with relationship-shattering issues like infidelity, destructive dynamic, power struggles, blame-shame cycles, chronic anger, emotional abuse, withdrawal, fear and anxiety, depression, deceit, sex drive differences, lack of desire, addictions of all kinds, inability to resolve money, parenting, inlaws and other issues.

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Couples Love Us

Thank you both again and thank you Mary Ellen to your feminine sensitivity toward me. This is what I will always remember about you. You both are doing an important job of helping to keep marriages together and you are very much appreciated.

We had worked with several couples therapists (as well as individual ones). Our experience with you felt totally different and marvelously refreshing in that there was no time to ruminate endlessly on “the problems” but a need to get on with the solutions.

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You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.  –Toni Morrison