You're wondering what to do when marriage counseling doesn't work.

You've tried everything. You aren't ready to give up, and you want results. The transformation we'll create at your private couples counseling weekend is the perfect mix of catharsis + practicality.

It's powerfully deep. It settles in from your head to toes. Your relationship will be different + it will stay that way.  You'll know you've gotten to the heart of the matter. You don't have to give up hope.

Take a look at what our couples have to say below. 

Please note that, in respect for the privacy and confidentiality of our couples, we offer their reviews anonymously.

Days after the retreat

This first review  was emailed to us a couple of days after their private couples counseling retreat. We continue to get updates from them, telling us how much their life together has changed and keeps getting better.
We came to the private couples workshop with Jerry and Meg as a pretty extensively "broken" couple. We had tried couples counseling previously, had made only marginal progress, and viewed this as - most likely - our "last chance" to salvage our marriage before the point of no return was reached, and thresholds crossed over that could not be undone. To say that this weekend retreat would be, one way or the other, the most important and life-changing weekend since the one we were married on almost a decade ago would not be an exaggeration in the slightest.
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You guys are amazing

You guys are amazing! What a team! You both seemed to peg each of us very quickly!

And, as far as I'm concerned, your focus was exactly where it needed to be! I really appreciate that!

I've never known Dave to open up to anyone but me. But you guys managed to do the extraordinary!!!! Hats off to you!

We already ordered your book. Just so you know, we went over our "contract" and it feels pretty perfect. Addresses all the major issues.

Dave's actually been quite open ever since. We've been focusing on being kinder and more patient! I'm holding the "vision" Meg! Now Jerry, don't get all choked up! (I love that about you!)

We have a great fondness for both of you and hold you dear to our hearts! You gave us hope where there was none!


A couple each shares their perspective of their experience

Him: We had no communication and our relationship was defined by fear and pain.

Both Jerry and Mary Ellen were able to facilitate our getting all of our old "baggage" on the table and finally burying it. (Actually we blew bubbles over the lush countryside and watched them float away; a metaphor for our baggage and negative emotions). Once we were able to focus on the present and forgive ourselves as much as forgive each other, the tension lifted and got replaced by hope. p.s. Bring lots of Kleenex!

Her: When we arrived in Mendocino our relationships was in crisis. We were lost, afraid and looking for a solution to our problems.

Jerry Duberstein and Mary Ellen Goggin were calm confidants, advisors, coaches and relationship rescue specialists. We reflected on our issues and broke down the barriers preventing us from being real partners in our marriage. We completed the experienced by creating and signing a contract. We could not have achieved these next steps without Jerry and Mary Ellen.


Our expectations were met and exceeded. I liked the way you pointed out my actions and behaviors by using sports metaphors. I feel very hopeful about the future!

A whole bunch

Thank you for your dedication to the betterment of our relationship. You made us comfortable and able to be honest with each other in your presence. It was nice to hear the perspective of another couple + the perspective of a man + a woman. I feel better equipped to deal with the issues we are facing.

"You saved our marriage. Gave us a new start. I feel hopeful + excited about our future."

I felt comfortable enough to drop my shields and just talk from the heart. This is something I try to do on my own, but you guys helped me through the resistance phases and that felt very good.

Our work with Jerry has dramatically improved our relationship and changed our lives for the better. He was very caring and gentle but direct when he needed to make a point. I would recommend him to anyone whose marriage needs a tune-up.

The system that Jerry and Meg have developed gave us a whole new perspective about our marriage.  When we first made contact with them, we were on the brink of divorce. The process of looking at ourselves first and the relationship after worked like magic. Not only is my marriage improved, but I feel better about myself.

We had worked with several couples therapists (as well as individual ones). Our experience with you felt totally different and marvelously refreshing in that there was no time to ruminate endlessly on "the problems" but a need to get on with the solutions.

"Thank you for everything you have taught us. I feel our relationship will be more fun. I leave with more confidence about our marriage."

I appreciate the opportunity to say how much we benefited from our counseling work with Jerry. He is a very compassionate person who was willing to share his time and wisdom with us. Helping us to examine our roles in our partnership was enlightening. I especially enjoyed being able to resolve issues regarding finances which was a major obstacle for us.

I am amazed how quickly my life changed once we started working with Jerry. It was almost magical how the small changes we made freed us from the horrible life we were living. I am very grateful.

Let me tell whoever is out there and whose relationship is in trouble, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I was so despondent about my relationship with my boyfriend,  I was a hopeless basket case. I thought that we were at a dead end.  But after working with Jerry and redesigning our relationship, we are both happier and more appreciative.

have come a long, long way

We have come a long, long way to living the life we had planned.  We had lost contact with each other and were moving through our lives separately. We have rediscovered each other and we are having a second honeymoon.