Make This The Summer of Love

Savor life (and love) this summer.

Summer is a time to kick-back, lighten up and be more carefree. I don’t know about you, but all month I’ve had that wonderful last-day-of-school feeling, which is a combination of relief, new-found freedom and excitement. I’m going with it and letting this recaptured feeling build.

Summer seduces me to live the sensual life and experience all five senses all at the same time whenever possible. That is, smelling sea roses, going barefoot, being lulled by waves’ rhythm, biting into a peach (or popsicle) as its juice explodes down my arms, singing duets with birds, hugging trees, caressing moss, gasping at the beauty of sunsets and symphony of flowers. I’m getting ready to swim in the ocean, lakes, lazy rivers, quarries and salt-water pools.

Summer is for love — a time to live in slow motion whenever you can to intentionally take in and connect with your partner with all five senses. You can deepen your connection by seeing your partner in a new way, getting curious, touching and kissing just because you want to, listening by being present (and yes, that means going screen-less, which is the new naked), holding hands, smelling sun-drenched skin and sharing your deepest yearnings.

I’m all in, starting now. How about you?

What do you fancy most about this season? Go ahead and get lost in your favorite things about summer. Click on the music links below and kick off your summer with a mini-classics concert.

And, one more thing. In the spirit of this delicious season, you definitely want to read our most recent article “15 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Partner.”  I’m using it as my roadmap this summer and I hope some of the tips will be helpful to you too.

Best wishes for a sultry, sensual, sexy, simply delicious Summer.

Exuberantly yours,

Meg (& Jerry)

Saunter into sultry summer sweetness with these classics tunes.
Hot Fun in the Summertime”    Those Lazy Hazy-Crazy-Days of Summer,   Surfin’ USA     Heat Wave     Under the Boardwalk   Summertime (Ella Fitzgerald)  Summertime (Nora Jones)  Summertime (Billie Holiday), Summertime (Janice Joplin)

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Mary Ellen Goggin

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