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Profile of an unhappy woman.

8 Things To Consider If You’ve Been In An Unhappy Marriage For Years

You’re enough of a realist to expect some down days, occasional heated arguments, and I’ll-lose-my-mind-if-I-don’t-get-some-alone-time pinings for a solo vacay. None would be on your favorites list, but none would qualify your marriage as “unhappy,” either. Being in an unhappy marriage, let alone an unhappy marriage for years, takes a different toll. Believe it or […]

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Partially clothed couple embracing.

8 Steps To Improve Communication For A Red-Hot Sex Life

Sex. It can be a hot and heavy wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, or even a distant memory. But one thing sex is not is “talked about.” At least not easily or frequently enough. And yet, when couples improve communication about sex in marriage and long-term relationships, satisfaction skyrockets in the bedroom. Your overall relationship also improves along with your sex life. […]

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Couple kissing to celebrate successfully surviving infidelity in their marriage.

Surviving Infidelity In Your Marriage Is Possible If You Do These 9 Things

There’s no question that few things will shatter a heart or marriage like infidelity. It is a veritable implosion of everything marriage stands for. If you are in the recent throes of an affair, surviving infidelity in your marriage may seem impossible. And it can feel as impossible for the offender as it does for […]

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unhappy marriage and health

What You MUST Know About The Link Between An Unhappy Marriage And Health

When you’re in the throes of a heated argument with your spouse, you’re probably not thinking about the link between an unhappy marriage and health. Getting through the rage of the moment unscathed emotionally is more likely your focus. Even the best marriages experience mulligans here and there — a “more than just a disagreement” […]

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surviving the guilt of infidelity

Betrayed Your Spouse? What You Need To Know About Surviving The Guilt Of Infidelity

Consoling the person betrayed by infidelity comes naturally. Rally your judgments against the lying, cheating you-know-what, and no doubt you will be a source of comfort and solidarity. But what about the person surviving the guilt of infidelity? The person who shattered trust, hearts, and vows? Is there no redemption, no healing, no future for […]

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