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Michelle and Barak Obama use marriage counseling to keep their relationship healthy

Can Marriage Counseling Help Your Relationship? It Helped Michelle Obama’s.

Couples don’t always realize the damage they do to their marriage when they don’t talk through their problems. They hold back from expressing negative feelings such as anger, fear, and disappointment. When couples let unexpressed negative feelings accumulate, they unwittingly build  is a wall between them. Each time an unresolved conflict goes unaddressed, a brick […]

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Sneak preview: Takeaways from our Couples Retreats you can use *Right Now*

My husband, Jerry and I help couples heal their relationships, most often in a two- day, private retreat format. There are specific benefits all couples receive, regardless of the reason that initially brought them to us. Some couples come to stop their relationship from the slide into further deterioration. Others want us to guide their […]

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