Self Love

How To Gain Self-Respect In A Relationship

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 15, 2021
Cracked wall painted with with the word respect sloppily stenciled on it.

Relationships. They draw us in, bind us together, dangle possibilities before our star-struck eyes. They also expose us for who we are and can be. Relationships strip us to the nakedness of vulnerability – that iffy space that can both heal and hurt. Do you find yourself or lose yourself? Do you know how to…

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How To Maintain Your Self-Esteem In Relationships

By Mary Ellen Goggin / September 18, 2021
Sign stating "You are worthy of love."

And the two shall become one. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Put others’ needs before your own. And so the song of self-surrender is sung…while the task of maintaining self-esteem in relationships is left to the self-help DIYers. The irony of relationships, and especially marriage, is that they are so…

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How To Maintain A Strong Sense Of Self Once You’ve Found Your One True Love

By Mary Ellen Goggin / May 29, 2020
Person feeling the power of a strong sense of self with arms outstretched standing on the beach at sunset

Between rom-coms and fairy tales, you may have grown up starry-eyed and heart-thumping with the idea of spending happily-ever-after with The One. No harm, no foul. After all, if people didn’t yearn for connection and commitment, our species would need a miracle to continue. And thank goodness those hormones that drive lust, attraction, and attachment…

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Control Your Own Happiness

By Mary Ellen Goggin / October 11, 2018

Why wait for relationship happiness when you can jump-start the process? In the exercises from our past few posts, you’ve tuned into the deepest parts of yourself. Perhaps you discovered new aspects of your personality and behavior. Maybe you took a closer look at certain traits you’ve spent your life trying to ignore. You might…

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Embrace Calm

By Mary Ellen Goggin / September 28, 2018

With all the turmoil happening in the world around us, each of us can benefit from learning how to create calmness within.  Let’s start learning about your still point, the quiet place inside you where you are free of turmoil, self-judgment, and real-life pressures.

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It’s all about YOU!

By Mary Ellen Goggin / September 14, 2018

Why Me? Can’t we just fix the relationship? If, like most people, what you really want to do is fix your relationship right now, why are you asked to focus on yourself? You know what the problems are, and if your partner would change, so would your relationship. You’re probably thinking: Why start from square…

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Help! I Fall for Guys Who Want a Mother

By Jerry / January 28, 2018

 Peggy came into her session looking distraught.  “There must be a screw loose in my head or I’m just not that bright when it comes to men. You would think that I would learn, but no matter how hard I try to select carefully, I end up with guys who want someone to take charge…

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