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Couples Counseling Retreat- FAQs

 Couples Counseling Retreat  FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Couples Counseling Retreat What is the couples counseling retreat program like? Where is it located? The couples counseling retreat is an interactive, lively and comprehensive program based on the pragmatic, step by step process laid out in the book Relationship Transformation: Have Your Cake and Eat It […]

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Can a Sexless Marriage Thrive?

Can a Sexless Relationship Thrive? Richard, a 40 year old client told me recently, “I’ve been married for nine years. My wife, Diane, means everything to me. I love her dearly. She is a great partner and companion. We‘ve created a wonderful life together. I know it may be weird, but we don’t have sex. […]

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Relationship Power Struggle: Who Controls the Remote?

Who Owns the Remote? Many couples spend their evenings “together” watching television. While they want a non-demanding way to relax after work, tensions often arise when couples struggle over what they’re going to watch. I know a lot of men who watch sports and the news. Period. They’re not interested in Two and A Half […]

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Can a Relationship on the Edge of Divorce Be Transformed?

Can a Relationship on the Edge of Divorce Be Transformed? Yes… Jessica and Richard told me they were at the end of their 9 year marriage. Their relationship was draining their energy and optimism. She thought him self-centered and distant. He found her constant chatter annoying. They started counseling with me for the sake of […]

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Relationship Politics: Right and Left

Relationship Transformation: Red State Husband-Blue State Wife Don’t Let Political Arguments Threaten Your Marriage When I was growing up my parents had opposing views on politics. My mother grew up during the depression, loved FDR and was committed to the Democratic Party. My father was a WWII veteran who liked Ike. They rarely talked politics […]

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