communication skills in marriage

How To Communicate More With Your Spouse

By Mary Ellen Goggin / June 25, 2019
how to communicate more with your spouse

Everything about relationships seems to come back to communication. There’s the verbal, the non-verbal, the implied, the assumed, the implicit. And, if you’re not paying attention, there are the proverbial ships that pass in the night. Learning how to communicate more with your spouse is the most important effort you can make to keep your…

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How to Communicate with Clarity in Relationships

By Mary Ellen Goggin / October 28, 2018

Our words account for only a tiny percentage of communication. Messages are also communicated by body language, facial expression, vocal tone, and other qualities of voice. If your words do not match with the tone of your non-verbal communication, then you are sending a mixed message. Mixed messages pose a problem for the receiver, who gets confused and sometimes feels the need to ask for clarification. By learning how to communicate with clarity, you learn to align your words, vocal tone, facial expression, and body language. Alignment of all the elements of communication leads to more coherent communication and reduces confusion and friction in relationships.

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