Marriage Counseling

Unhappy Marriage Vs. Divorce: How To Determine Which Is Best For Your Situation

By Mary Ellen Goggin / April 22, 2022

There’s no easy answer, especially when you’re plagued by misery and the conflicting mindset that accompanies it. Continuing to live in an unhappy marriage vs. divorce? Rushing to hire a divorce lawyer to stop the slow bleed? Where’s the upside in either choice? Knowing that you aren’t the first to struggle with this dilemma probably…

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What To Do If You’re In An Unhappy Marriage But Afraid To Leave

By Mary Ellen Goggin / October 12, 2021
Man rolling a bag and walking our of a building toward the rising sun.

Moments of knowing. We all have them, thanks to that “inner voice” that only begs us to listen. It lets us know when like becomes love. And it mercifully lets us know when happiness can no longer be feigned. Even if you’re in an unhappy marriage but afraid to leave, that voice will continue to…

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8 Tips For Surviving Her Infidelity

By Mary Ellen Goggin / October 1, 2021
Woman enjoying an embrace from her lover.

It’s unbearable, really, the shock and devastation of infidelity in your marriage. In a moment of discovery or disclosure, all the life in your body can drain away to nothingness. And only anger, hurt, confusion, and a cauldron of negativity can fill the vacuum left behind. It could be either one of you, and the…

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How To Talk With Your Spouse About Marriage Counseling

By Mary Ellen Goggin / August 17, 2021

When marriage takes a turn in the wrong direction, righting it is often beyond a couple’s forte. If you’re the one recognizing the slippery slope, you may already know that correcting it is going to require outside help. But knowing how to talk with your spouse about marriage counseling is going to be your first…

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How To Save A Marriage After Cheating

By Mary Ellen Goggin / March 2, 2021
Couple sitting on a boulder and overlooking a mountain stream.

The scourge of infidelity can feel like a death blow – to your heart, to your marriage, to your family. And yet, you may be clinging to every breath of hope that you can survive it. But do you know how to save a marriage after cheating has imploded its very foundation? We all know…

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How A Weekend Marriage Retreat Can Change The Course Of Your Relationship

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 28, 2020
Couple sitting on dock cuddling after a weekend marriage retreat.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Relationships aren’t built on a kiss. And marriages don’t fall apart over one argument. So what are the chances that one weekend marriage retreat can change the course of your relationship, let alone save it? The math might surprise you. If hindsight in marriage is 20/20 like most things…

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6 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider A Private Couples Marriage Retreat

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 2, 2020
Couple holding hands in a forest as they discuss attending a private couples marriage retreat.

You wouldn’t think twice about getting extra training to make you better at your job. Some things you just have to do when you have priorities. But what are the chances you would attend a couples marriage retreat to make you better at your marriage? Again, priorities. If you’ve never attended a couples marriage retreat,…

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How To Get Out Of An Unhappy Marriage Without Getting Divorced

By Mary Ellen Goggin / July 22, 2020
If you're considering how to get out of an unhappy marriage, you're facing a fork in the road like this one in a forest.

Knowing how to get out of an unhappy marriage isn’t as simple as doing a web search for divorce lawyers. It’s not even necessarily about getting divorced. There are two components to an “unhappy marriage”: unhappy and marriage. And when your disappointment, sadness, or downright despair starts making you eye the front door, one or…

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