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what happens at a marriage retreat

What Happens At A Marriage Retreat

By the time a married couple considers therapy, the spouses are usually trying to save or repair their marriage. Couples therapy is often the first outreach, in part because its format is familiar to most people. One hour a week for several months (maybe years), a comfortable office with couches and chairs, a therapist with […]

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Woman struggling with surviving infidelity triggers.

5 Tips For Surviving Infidelity Triggers No Matter When They Strike

Surviving infidelity can feel impossible, infuriating, exhausting, not-worth-the-effort. And that’s the moment you wake up and remember what’s going on. Surviving infidelity triggers can feel like having coarse salt rubbed into a wound that never gets to heal. For the betrayed spouse, such a Promethean punishment can make the idea of love, trust and happiness […]

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How to select a marriage retreat for couples in crisis

How To Select A Marriage Retreat For Couples In Crisis

A powerful alternative to traditional weekly marriage therapy is a marriage retreat. For couples in crisis, this format can offer an intensive, highly effective start to a sustainable healing journey. Selecting a Therapist Selecting a therapist is an important process for anyone considering psychotherapy. Sometimes the “first impression” of the process can leave a lasting […]

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marriage retreat with counseling

Why Attend A Marriage Retreat With Counseling

Marriage and couples’ therapy is a unique and specialized niche in the world of psychotherapy. And the marriage retreat-with-counseling is an even more specialized niche within the realm of marriage and couples’ therapy. While individual therapy may be ideal when working through your personal history and issues, if your relationship is what ails you, a […]

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Michelle and Barak Obama use marriage counseling to keep their relationship healthy

Can Marriage Counseling Help Your Relationship? It Helped Michelle Obama’s.

Couples don’t always realize the damage they do to their marriage when they don’t talk through their problems. They hold back from expressing negative feelings such as anger, fear, and disappointment. When couples let unexpressed negative feelings accumulate, they unwittingly build  is a wall between them. Each time an unresolved conflict goes unaddressed, a brick […]

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