How To Recognize & Resolve The Betrayed Spouse Cycle

By Mary Ellen Goggin / January 3, 2024
Crying woman sitting on the floor leaning against her bed & struggling with the betrayed spouse cycle.

In the quiet corners of a seemingly perfect marriage, the betrayed spouse cycle often lurks, unseen yet deeply felt by couples like Sarah and John. Both in their mid-40s and successful, they epitomize the suburban ideal, yet grapple with the aftershocks of John’s infidelity. This is a common tale. Research indicates many marriages face infidelity,…

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My Husband’s Repeated Infidelity Is Ruining Our Marriage. Can He Change?

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 13, 2023
Woman walking outside struggling with thoughts of her husband's repeated infidelity.

The discovery of a spouse’s infidelity is a gut-wrenching moment that shatters the trust foundational to any marriage. But when infidelity is not a one-time lapse in judgment, but a recurring wound, it can feel like an unending cycle of betrayal and despair. If you find yourself whispering the heart-heavy question, “Can my husband change…

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5 Things to Consider When You Discover Your Spouse Cheated

By Mary Ellen Goggin / August 22, 2023
2 wedding bands place on a dictionary above the word "marriage".

The knot in your stomach, the disbelief in your mind, the clutching in your chest – these are the overwhelming physical sensations that seize you when you discover your spouse cheated. It’s likely a moment you never thought you would face, a possibility you never wanted to confront. Whether you stumbled upon a revealing text…

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What To Do If You’ve Been Cheating On Your Wife

By Mary Ellen Goggin / July 10, 2023
Man looking out a window as he contemplates how he'll tell his wife he's been cheating.

Life is rarely as clear-cut as we’d like to believe. Each person carries a unique narrative filled with complexities, and the same is true when it comes to relationships. For some reason, you’re cheating on your wife. Those are five hard-hitting words, aren’t they? It’s a statement that doesn’t leave much room for gray areas.…

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Can A Man Cheat And Still Love His Wife? Answering A Heartbreaking Question

By Mary Ellen Goggin / April 10, 2023
Image of a broken heart with an infidelity bandage over the break.

Discovering that your spouse has cheated is a devastating experience that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and alone. You may feel like you are in the midst of a tornado, with countless questions swirling around you, attacking you from all sides. A man can cheat and still love his wife. A man can cheat and…

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6 Tips For Surviving Infidelity And Depression

By Mary Ellen Goggin / November 22, 2022
Woman's hand leaning against a window.

Braving them one at a time is difficult enough. But surviving infidelity and depression together is downright heroic. After all, neither is particularly conducive to springing out of bed with a smile on your face and a list of self-care must-do’s on your calendar. On the contrary. Depression, betrayal from infidelity, and, God forbid, the…

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5 Reasons Surviving Your Wife’s Infidelity Is So Difficult

By Mary Ellen Goggin / October 17, 2022
Silhouette of man holding his forehead as he contemplates his wife's infidelity.

Infidelity may be an equal-gender transgression. But men and women don’t necessarily handle infidelity by their spouses in equal ways. If you’re a man who has been betrayed, we’re going to discuss why surviving infidelity by your wife is so difficult. Statistics for cheating vary, depending on factors like size of the study pool and…

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6 Strategies For Surviving Emotional Infidelity

By Mary Ellen Goggin / August 31, 2022
Love note and a fountain pen.

Things aren’t always what they appear to be. And not everything has a textbook definition or obvious, arrow-pointing signs. Affairs, for example, aren’t necessarily driven by steamy sex and clandestine meetings. They can be masked by a slow-growing emotional connection that perhaps no one saw coming. Uncovering and surviving emotional infidelity, therefore, can be tricky.…

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