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How to communicate with your spouse. Image shows couple with their backs to us, and distant from each other.

How to Communicate with Your Spouse without Fighting

If you’re married, you know the value of knowing how to communicate with your spouse without fighting. That said, there may be times when you disagree, and no matter how hard you try, you get into an ugly fight, say things you regret, and then feel ashamed and even afraid. You may wonder if you […]

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Is Porn Ruining Your Marriage?

So what’s the problem? Sometimes a partner’s virtual relationships interfere with his real life relationship. Some male clients report a loss of sexual interest in, or even the ability to have sex with, their partners. They develop a preference for porn and masturbation. Men say solo gratification eliminates performance anxiety and the burden of pleasing […]

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Marriage Money Talks, Nobody Walks

Problems occur in a relationship when the partners have conflicting styles and perspectives about money. Even though money is a leading cause of divorce, couples rarely explore their individual money-selves before tying the knot. Often a money conflict sparks the discussion and sheds light on areas of incompatibility. Handled well (with awareness, understanding, and objectivity) […]

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