What To Look For In A Marriage Retreat For Infidelity

By Mary Ellen Goggin / February 21, 2019
Married couple holding hands at a marriage retreat for infidelity.

When your marriage hangs in the balance because of an infidelity, trying to save it can be overwhelming. A marriage retreat for infidelity is a unique way to focus on your marriage with therapists who specialize in your experience. In the world of therapy, there is so much to choose from. So many modalities, so…

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What It Means When Your Unhappy Marriage Leads To Infidelity

By Mary Ellen Goggin / February 12, 2019
unhappy marriage leads to infidelity

People stay in unhappy marriages for a lot of reasons. You may be in one yourself. But when an unhappy marriage leads to infidelity, it’s time to lift the veil of denial and take a good hard look at what’s going on. And what you’ll probably see first is fear. Fear can cause people to…

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Is Surviving Infidelity Without Counseling Possible

By Mary Ellen Goggin / February 10, 2019
surviving infidelity without counseling

One of you has cheated. Both of you are suffering. Nothing will ever be the same. Is surviving infidelity without counseling possible? Despite the seemingly common occurrence of affairs and the high rate of divorce in the US, couples do survive infidelity. Some even manage to forge a stronger marriage after the fallout. But where and…

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Now That You Know Your Spouse Cheated – 10 Tips for Surviving Infidelity

By Mary Ellen Goggin / January 31, 2019
surviving infidelity

The shock of discovering an affair is a big deal. Your world turns upside down; you feel shaken to the core. Strong emotions flood you and you might feel overwhelmed and afraid you’ll never feel like yourself again. Be assured that you will get through it, but it’ll take time, a support network, and large doses of self-care to get you through.

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5 Tips For Surviving Infidelity Triggers No Matter When They Strike

By Mary Ellen Goggin / January 31, 2019
Woman struggling with surviving infidelity triggers.

Surviving infidelity can feel impossible, infuriating, exhausting, not-worth-the-effort. And that’s the moment you wake up and remember what’s going on. Surviving infidelity triggers can feel like having coarse salt rubbed into a wound that never gets to heal. For the betrayed spouse, such a Promethean punishment can make the idea of love, trust and happiness…

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What You Must Know About Surviving Long-Term Infidelity

By Mary Ellen Goggin / January 23, 2019
Couple having a painful discussing about surviving long-term infidelity.

Infidelity changes you. It just does. The betrayed, the betrayer, the marriage — everything morphs. Surviving long-term infidelity, however, is particularly exacting. From admission or discovery to atonement to acceptance, the long-term affair is an inevitable call to action. As if a “moment of indiscretion” or “lapse in judgment” isn’t bad enough, long-term infidelity is…

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8 Strategies For Surviving Your Wife’s Infidelity To Save Your Marriage

By Jerry / January 5, 2019
surviving your wife's infidelity

If the prospect of your marriage’s future is contingent on surviving your wife’s infidelity, you’re in the right place. Infidelity can suck the air out of your lungs and the life out of your marriage. Being jolted by the news that your once-faithful marriage now has a trespasser will inevitably leave you churning with hostile…

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7 Things You Need to Know about Surviving Infidelity in Marriage

By Mary Ellen Goggin / December 11, 2018
surviving infidelity in marriage

Movies would have us believe that infidelity is best handled with clothes-burning and a martini to the face. Surviving infidelity in marriage is more dramatically portrayed as “surviving infidelity by leaving marriage.” (Overplayed, of course, by Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”) Reality, however, plays out in a different kind of theater and isn’t always so…

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