Frequently Asked Questions – Marriage and Couples Retreats in Portsmouth, NH

Marriage and Couples Retreats in Portsmouth, NH

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the couples retreats held?

Free & Connected holds private couples retreats in Portsmouth, NH. Retreats are usually two or three days. Sign up for our newsletter if you want to be in touch.

Does the cost of the retreat include meals and accommodations?

The price of the retreat doesn’t include meals or accommodations.

Portsmouth offers a wide array of lodging and restaurant options.

What is the schedule for a retreat?

The first day of the retreat begins at 10 am and ends at about 5 pm. We take an hour for lunch. The second day (and third day, if recommended) runs from 10 am until 4 pm. We often adjustment these schedules for private retreats to accommodate travel schedules or other requests.

Do you recommend that couples extend their stay beyond the two or three day retreat?

Some couples choose to arrive the day before, and stay until the day after ,the retreat. If you have the time, resources, and interest, a longer stay contributes to overall rest and renewal. It also provides more time for deep healing and shifting into your new relationship vision. Also, if you’re interested in sight-seeing and taking in the local culture and outdoor activities, you’ll need some extra time. We keep you quite busy during retreat days and you’ll need some down-time between sessions to integrate the work and refuel.

Is it possible to extend a private retreat?

Absolutely, couples can extend the time of a private retreat as long as our schedule is open and we feel additional work would be beneficial. We do accomplish an enormous amount in two/three days and often recommend that clients integrate the work which can be exhausting. For couples who want to follow-up we do offer in-person, Skype and phone sessions.

Do you offer couples and marriage counseling to couples who prefer not to travel?

Yes. We offer couples and marriage counseling via telephone and Skype. Upon request, in some circumstances, we travel to a couple’s home town for a private intensive retreat.

Do I need to prepare any material in advance?

No advance preparation is required although couples find that, once they book a retreat, they start talking about what they want to accomplish and set some intentions. Be prepared to work hard while you’re with us.

Is homework assigned during the Retreat?

No. We ask couples to relax and do what feels right for them during down-time. Often they review their day together and gain additional insights. Our process opens a fountain of communication and time, quiet, and a safe container for processing.

What do couples say about the retreats and their work with you?

We’ve published some reviews by couples, anonymously, of course. Couples tell us they  love working with us, a married couple, feel comfortable and safe sharing the intimate details of their lives, and find the retreat format more effective and far superior to weekly couples therapy.

What kinds of issues commonly arise during a retreat or couples counseling?

Issues common for couples include infidelity, communication, patterns and dynamics, negative emotions (guilt, anger, disappointment, rage, fear, etc.), barriers to intimacy, disconnection, distorted and outmoded beliefs, sex drive disparity, infidelity, inlaws, money, children, recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse, depression, life/work balance, and more.

Please provide an article about how to tell if my relationship is troubled.

Is my relationship troubled?

Can you give us tips on how to stop fighting?

No relationship is without conflict. The key to having a good relationship is to learn how to resolve conflict. We teach couples how to fight fairly in ways that aren’t destructive.20 Ways to Fight Fairly

The subject of infidelity and affairs is everywhere in the media. How can I know if my relationship is vulnerable to an affair?

Read our article on tell tale signs a relationship may be vulnerabie to an affair.

Do you have a question we haven’t addressed?

Well, then by all means get in touch.


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