Understanding your Relationship Fingerprint


Examine for a moment the inside of one of your fingertips.

Do you see the intricate pattern of lines? Now imagine each line as a characteristic unique to you.

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You are a unique layering of biology, biography, archetype, culture, and experience.

Together these form an intricate system of thoughts, beliefs, habits, feelings, and expectations about relationships. We call this wondrous pattern your Inner Relationship Fingerprint™ or “Fingerprint” or “IRF.”

Like your own fingerprint, your IRF is the only one of its kind.

Your IRF influences your relationship experiences in both positive and negative ways. It can limit your capacity to form or sustain satisfying relationships. It operates outside your conscious awareness, which might explain why you act and react the way you do or why your relationship isn’t working.

A distinctive constellation of
Needs and wants
Fears, hopes, dread, despair,
Attachment styles,
Delusions, dreams, appetites, thoughts, sensations, sensitivities,
Chemistry, DNA, body type, biorhythms,
Temperament, idiosyncrasies, habits, behaviors,
Strengths, weaknesses, talents, limitations, emotional intelligence,
Chaos, change, intimacy, solitude, emotionality,
Independence, dependence, interdependence,
Masculine, Feminine,
All creating
Your own Inner Relationship Fingerprint.

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Curious? Take our 80 question assessment. You will discover which of four distinct types best describes you, and get a general idea — the broad brushstrokes — of your fingerprint.