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Hope is found here...even for the rockiest relationships.

We are Mary Ellen Goggin & Jerry Duberstein Ph.D. We help couples heal their relationship. Over our 40 years of experience, we discovered a private and intensive weekend retreat to be far more effective than traditional weekly couples counseling sessions.

In our private couples retreats, we help couples on the edge of divorce or struggling with relationship-shattering issues or that just need guidance to get back on track. We believe that you chose your partner for a reason and with guidance most problems can be resolved. We guide you in a way that honors your soul, encourages your heart, inspires your mind, and heals the inevitable wounds you suffered along the way.

Art + Science

Our work fuses the art + science of relationship.

In our couples counseling retreat, we guide you to the true nature of your relationship, smooth out craggy edges, and tinker with refinements.


When you first created your relationship, its form was like a hunk of stone with rough edges. In time, you smoothed and refined some of them in your journey together. Maybe you left some edges rough. You got hurt, lost interest, got distracted by life.


Each relationship has its own true nature. As relationship scientists, we use inquiry to discover the true nature of yours. We want to know what your relationship is, in its real form, stripped down to its bare essence.

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The four of us will craft a custom plan to take into your new life together.

In our couples counseling retreat, we meet you with our decades of experience, a practical approach, and compassionate listening. We’ll crack the hidden dynamic that blocks your happiness and point you in the direction you want to go.

No cookie-cutter models.  No formulas. No preachy, do it our way lesson. Instead: Honoring your unique desires.  No new-agey cliches.  Instead: The fusion of art and science + our combined 40 years of clinical experience.  No shoulds or shaming. Instead: Freedom to be yourself and be loved.

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Learn about the Inner Relationship Fingerprint
We created the Inner Relationship Fingerprint to help you understand what drives you in relationship. Learn more about it here.

Discover your Inner Relationship Fingerprint
This 10 minute assessment will help you identify your unique pattern of thoughts, beliefs, habits, feelings, and expectations about relationships. Take the assessment here.

How satisfied are you in your relationship?
You can take our relationship satisfaction survey now to gauge your current level of contentment. Click here to start now.

How do you balance freedom & security?
This simple assessment will help you identify your freedom and security needs. Get started now.

Explore the Relationship Attachment Quiz
Identifying and learning about your attachment style will help you understand its effect on your choice of partner, your behavior, and the prevailing dynamic in your relationship. Start by clicking here.




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Infidelity: Can your relationship survive?

Read this important white paper on infidelity
Can you save a relationship after infidelity? We wrote this white paper to share our insights. Download the PDF here.

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You might think you save marriages, but really I think you save hearts. – Jeanne Bessette, Artist

Saved marriage + link to thank yous

You saved our marriage. Gave us a new start. I feel hopeful + excited about our future.

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Relationship Transformation - BookCover

Book Panel

Our book, Relationship Transformation, gives you a trusty map for blazing your own trail to a satisfying relationship — on your own terms.

Think you have to give up freedom to have intimacy?  Fear you have to sacrifice deep connection to indulge self-realization?

Deep down, most of us want it all.  We want a satisfying relationship and individual freedom.  We’ve been taught we can’t have both — thankfully, that’s not true!

Read an excerpt of the book now